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The See More Fund

We have set up a fund to help get kids on tour. 

The charity that allows your students to See More of Australia

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Why a Fund? 

We know how much you care and how hard you work to make sure your students learning experience is amazing. 

We also know that some families struggle with the everyday pressures associated with school costs and excursions can often be overwhelming.  We believe excursions create life long memories for your students and provide them with immersive and meaningful learning experiences.  We don't want any of them to miss out. 

Here at School Excursions Australia, we believe in helping you in every way we can.  We have established a Fund.  A percentage of our profits are deposited into the fund and when you know there is one of your students that really deserve to go on this excursion and they are at risk of missing out due to financial difficulty, we may have an answer.  

All you have to do is apply.  We will help with the cost of the particular students excursion and help you let them See More of Australia. 

Need to apply? 

Contact us today with an email and we will send you an application form. 

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